Poem: Iammorethanonething

Gender is never neutral, To assume that someone’s gender is neutral or non-existant because it doesn’t exist between two rigid poles Of a gender binary is arrogant and selfish

Even with those of us that do not have a gender, Our identities and how we show them Are a deliberate choice. And we’re fucking proud of it.

Many of us don’t exactly know what our gender is And our gender may change by the day Or the month or by the feeling of the wind blowing and hitting our bones Still confident that we are definitely not cis.

We have been here, we are still here, and we will outlive you.

You want to know what my gender is? Whether I am a boy or a girl?

I am the sun, unyielding My gender is the heat that permeates all living things An identity molded around the inevitable entropy of the universe constantly expanding And ruining everything that has come before it

My friends and I are femmes like the mountains are stone Too much for most men to comprehend, with cracks and gaps from where some men have tried to make space for themselves and failed We wear our scars on our surface, Even if so many are too far away to notice them An exterior molded around the rejection of the men who’ve tried to claim us as their own

We have been here, we are still here, and we will outlive you.